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ECI newyear

Happy New years!

For every ones continued support Rika-Li CEO of ECI has personally invited you to the ECI new years bash in the old business district, Headlining the night is world renowned actress, singer , and ECI client Catrina Williams (best known as her post alteration name Maneki Neko)

shake those Joubu security forces off your ass, and walk right into the VIP lounge, and rub elbows with Matron Li, and the most beautiful and powerful of the Goryoo.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! for you, a gift.

As promised, here is a very special chapter of 2039: Operation Yule log!

2039: operation yule log, Midnight release. Kick off Christmas eve with a little trip to Adena Ohio with Moby, Maria, Kat, and Tora and learn a few things about Moby you may not have known!


you can check out he chapter by clicking the image above, OR clicking the chapter index to the right.

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Double December!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Ready for the next chapter? well don’t worry, Santa has something special in mind!

TWO Chapters!

Chapter 6 Will come out near Christmas Eve, and continue the normal story line. However a short Holiday Special is also coming before then!

2039: Hani Operation Yule Log Follows the team as they take a break from their war to reclaim the common mans rights in the west, and travel to the small small town of Adena Ohio after Moby gets a letter from his…gulp!….parents!

A quick Tip for new readers of 2039!

As the chapters continue to come out, we pick up new readers, and It’s worth pointing out this little tip when starting the series. Check out the history codex before starting into the chapters, as they set up alot of the atmosphere, and world events leading to the series!

Thank you all for your support, and help spread the 2039 Love!


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2039 Chapter 5 ” Reunion” released on Halloween features a few special pages in colour. It’s been a year since free to read chapters are up, and this one starts to push things into the right direction.

you can check out he chapter by clicking the image above, OR clicking the chapter index to the right.

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A letter to the masses.

Expect a special treat for Halloween!



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changes are coming

with the dawn of a new year, we are going to be upgrading, and updating the site, and have been working on many of the ideas over the break. off and on over the next week or so we’ll start making the changes. one such change is the introduction of a new splash page which can be peeked at here

We hope everyone has enjoyed the series so far, and will continue to follow us as start aiming for ways to create a better atmosphere for our readers, and draw the attention of others!

so just hang tight folks, There will be a list of whats new once everything is up… FOLLOWED by a new chapter, entitled” reunion”  which will contain several colored pages, and will mark the official start of the main arch.


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Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season

Warm wishes this holiday season from BMH Entertainment!

As the holiday season picks up, and the year draws to a close we here are taking this time to build up the chapter collections, and work on some nice changes for the new year! but don’t worry there will still be a chapter released to end the year out, and a short special!

and for those wondering, Yes the next chapter is still coming out very soon, and will have a coloured portion.

s o once again, thank you to everyone who’s been supportive so far, and we look forward to exploding into the new year with twice as much activity, and special features for our readers!


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what’s 2039 hani?

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2039 Chapter 4 ” Delusion” released on Halloween features a full color spread just for the holidays. This chapter starts to bring an end to the ” introduction-mini-story arch ” and allowing for the main arch to start to unfold, so make sure you pay close attention to the little details, you never know where the webbing of the various tales will lead!

you can check out he chapter by clicking the image above, OR clicking the chapter index to the right.

and as always, please feel free to contact us with comments, questions, fan art, photos, or anything else you want to share!

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Contest: 2039 costume

I dont care if you don’t cosplay a main character… People like Baraz, Reka Li, Officer Tomeo, hell even G.B.D.. but they have to be one IN NAME

just dress, snap a photo, and e-mail it to us!

the contest starts today, and runs through until November 1st

ALL costumes will be featured on the site and have a small interview of sorts with it ” so its a nice way to do some shameless self promoting too”

winners go like this.

Runners up in all areas win a limited edition Print, sign and dated..

Area winners receive a 2039 necklace, and print,

Grand prize winners (2) win a very limited special edition of 2039:Hani ( spirit of rebellion) Micro volume 1 in which the cover will be more centered on the character they chose to portray, based on their entry submission

all prints and books come signed, dated, and with a numbered certificate of authenticity

the ” areas” are.

Best male
Best female
Best group

winners would be announced November 5th

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